My understanding of Health and Healing

Health, Harmony, Healing

My vision and principals of healing and good health are based on integrative using of knoweldge and data from both hemispheres of the brain. As much I rely on structure, sequences and logic explanation from left part of my head, the same way I believe in music, imagination, intuition and unpredictable and unstable emotional way to discover and understand the world. Healing for me is the process of harmonising yourself by accepting all your dark shadow parts which could be hard to see and easy to feel.
I already feel this power inside of me but it will be even brighter close to my 45-50 yo. Right now I practice on my husband and obtain theoretical knoweldge from T.H.Chan School of Public Health at Harvard University where I participate as a research assistant in Integrative Medicine Survey about connection between Cardiovascular dysfunctions and our ability to love, to enjoy.

My speech at Harvard University, November 2016
My presentation and poster for your consideration

Each of us has a unique part to play in the healing of the world. Marianne Williamson