I am an Artist

I am an Artist in Spontaneous genre

My way of painting is bright, light and easy but absolutely unpredictable even for me as a creator. I just go with the Flow and feel myself as a pen in God's hand, as a provider of Higher Will more than an independent creature. There is no rules, no limits, no logic explanations WHY. When I am creating, it doesn't matter.
I breath, I live, I paint. That's all.
The most important thing during this process is to keep my mind clear and bright, so fears and hesitations have no place in it. Meditation and clam breath are really helpful but courage and interest play big role too.
Also I believe in healing power of Spontaneous art for those who suffer from anxiety and depression as much as for those who experienced pain not only in mind but in the physical body too.
My art works are exhibited in local art center and some of them were sold via auction. It gave me new inspiration and desire to organize my own personal exhibition in Miami at 2018.
I hope to see you there!

Some of my art works
Some of my embroidery works

The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls. Pablo Picasso